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Prepare now for electrical rate hike

by thiryj

If you work in Pennsylvania, by now you have heard that the caps are coming off the electrical suppliers January 1st , 2010.  Estimates vary, but I have been told to expect up to 36% increase in some markets.  In an effort to provide some good information to my time starved commercial clients, I have done some research on how to manage the rate hike.   As I see it, there are three things you can do:

1.  Nothing, and suffer the increase.

2.  Shop around yourself.  Get ready for some time consuming and tedious shopping.  Many of the suppliers advertise commercial service, but their customer call centers are not up and running yet.  There lies frustration.

3.  Do what smart business people do – hire an expert to get you the best deal.

Number 3 is my recommendation, and the good news is it costs ‘almost nothing’ to get that expert.   The PA Utility Commission site has an approved supplier list that has different categories of licensees on it.  Look for the ‘broker/marketer’ categories.  These are the ones that are optimized to work with consumers.  I like working with the ‘broker’ category because they will analyze your specific electrical usage, and then research and contract with the best deal on your behalf.  They get a fraction of a penny per kilowatt hour for this service, which to me is money well spent.

The broker I have had the most success with is Smart Choice Energy Services. Their flyer Are You Prepared has some additional info on their program.